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Song Dynasty Classes now Online

Song Dynasty Music is the name of my music business. For the past 30 years I have been creating choirs and singing groups for all people, from Sydney to Singapore to the Byron Shire in Northern NSW.

I have created many unique musical events in this time.

I have written and arranged lots of songs for singers and choirs.

In 2019 I worked in collaboration with Brunswick Picture House to present the inaugural Brunswick Heads Festival of the Voice.

My mission has always been to create ways for all people to participate in music making. I have attempted to make singing and participating in music making accessible to all people. I believe music is one of the ways humans can connect with the Divine.

These are strange times. Since early 2020 the world has been grappling with an unprecedented pandemic that affects every single human being. It is incredible to be alive at this time – baffling,  scary, and fascinating.

My focus here at Song Dynasty Music is keeping our existing communities together, as well as inviting anyone who just wants to sing, make sound, laugh, chant – all the things we normally do in a session you can do online in your own home. I have organised weekly online Big Song Sessions on Monday and Friday mornings at 9.30am, using Zoom. Join the Big Song Facebook group HERE for more information and links.

Zoom works really well as a platform for connecting and saying hi, but it is not great for group singing in real time, because there is a significant time lag. In the interests of keeping some kind of a regular and nurturing gathering,

At the moment these sessions are being offered by donation until the end of May –  if you want you can donate some money via Paypal – http://paypal.me/janetswain63

After this time, singers will need to book through Trybooking. It is likely that singing in groups will not be possible for quite a long time, due to the fact that the virus can be transmitted quite easily through the air. It is distressing for me to think that the activity I love most in the world, the joy and healing and connection that I feel every time I run a Big Song Session, is actually, weirdly enough, one of the most dangerous things we can do in a group at the moment! Who would have thought…..

 PATREON: You can also support my work as a songwriter, singer, community projects organiser, and singing leader –  through an ongoing patronage system called Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/janetswain

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“Imagine … a world where every city, town, and neighbourhood had a community choir, one where the music of many cultures and faiths was celebrated. Imagine … a non-auditioned choir in your community where all were welcome. Imagine … that this choir could support and engage in powerful community-based activities!”

“In light of mounting concerns about loneliness and isolation and the increasingly urgent search for solutions, it is fascinating that people seem to be returning to an interest in connecting with one another through singing. The evidence indicates that our singing ancestors might have held a key to better social well-being.”

Jacques Launay and Eiluned Pearce, The Conservation
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About Janet

Janet Swain, is a singer, songwriter, teacher and workshop leader, knows that one of the ways to live in the magic of life is to sing – singing and song and sound are all ways to experience magic. the magic of frequency, of vibration, of connection with oneself and others.

It’s a sad fact that many people were told as kids that they shouldn’t sing. It is crippling and a reflection of our obsessively goal oriented society that is so deeply ingrained.

I grew up singing with my brother and my parents – by the age of 6 or 7 we were singing 4 part harmony – mainly American folk songs – as we travelled around Europe. It was a normal as breathing.

In my mid twenties I did a year long breath work training course – which showed me the power of sound in the expression of deep hurts and pain. Since then, I have always started choirs wherever I have lived – from Katoomba to Sydney to Singapore to Kuwait to Byron Bay where I now live.

I have run workshops and residential camps, worked with kids and adults, run choirs for migrants and seniors, and all this time I have been developing a style of my own. And so all my choir experience is now being used to work with groups, large and small, who want to simply sing. It is great fun, it is wonderful community building work, it is about listening, responding, playing, fitting in, stepping out – it is a profoundly creative experience, and afterwards we all feel uplifted, inspired, connected and happy.