Winter Solstice Celebration, June 2015

Once again we are presenting a concert, this time not quite as grand as our launch a few months ago, but still big enough!

This time we are raising money to spruce up the old Scout Hall in Mullumbimby, where we rehearse a number of our choirs. We all love the acoustics in this modest hall, and we hope to raise money to help the Scouts in Mullumbimby to fix a broken window, give the place a good and thorough clean, and build and attach a notice board to the outside of the building so people can easily see what’s on in the hall.

We are very excited to have as special guests the drumming group that rehearses in the hall every Thursday evening. Benji, who also owns Son of Drum, the music shop in Mullumbimby, will present his group performing a number of African traditional rhythms.

Other special guests include Cinquecento, a five piece women’s singing group who meet over evening wine and sing italian love songs to each other.

We are also thrilled to once again present the up and coming grooviest uke chicks in town, Ukeloveys, a seven piece ukulele, kazoo and rhythm orchestra who have been seen most recently busking in the main street to rapturous audiences.

As well as all of these groups, we will combine our kids choirs and our adult choirs to sing some warming winter songs.

Sunday 21 June, 4pm, Mullum Scout Hall (behind the post office).

Winter concert

Ukeloveys you cant do that


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