Are you aware? These are 5 types of food that are often on the coffee shop menu

From just a drink to accompany your relaxing time to being a choice when eating various culinary delights, coffee is a favorite type of drink for many people, including Indonesians. It is not surprising that many coffee shops are scattered around and have become popular hangout destinations.

Even when enjoying drinks, including coffee, of course there is always food as an accompaniment, just for a light snack or as a main dish to eat. Of the many types of food, there are 5 types that are often included in coffee shop menus according to

1. Pastry

Layered, light, crunchy and has a different texture from bread in general, this means pastry is often included in the list of favorite snacks. If you are in a coffee shop, this food is the most frequently found snack menu, you know.

2. Sandwiches

Many coffee lovers often use sandwiches as food that is more than just a light snack. As a filling snack, enjoying coffee with a sandwich is often turned into a practical main meal to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Like the one at the Djournal Coffee shop which provides various types of sandwiches ranging from Roested Chicken Tomato Sandwich, Beef Pastrami Sandwich to Premium Roast Beef Steak Sandwich. Hmmm, Yummy!

3. Cake tarts

It is often said that the classic pairing of coffee is cake. The sweet taste of the cake makes the combination of bitter coffee drinks balance each other. It’s not surprising that cake tarts are often found in coffee shops with various delicious variants.

4. Pasta

When it comes to coffee-loving countries, Italy is definitely at the top of the list. Cappuccino, Esspresso, latte are terms of coffee that are familiar and synonymous with the country of Pisa. So it is not surprising that almost the average coffee shop includes pasta from Italy on their menu.

Enjoying pasta accompanied by coffee is something that is commonly found in various countries. So it is only natural that this food is included in the list of foods that are often chosen as accompaniments to coffee.

5. Eggs

Yes, eggs. Eggs could be the most suitable main dish to accompany coffee. How could it not be, the four foods above actually contain eggs in their preparation.

If you visit a coffee shop to enjoy coffee more than just snacking, usually half-boiled eggs are often on the menu served together with other types of food. Coffee shops also often provide egg menus in various delicious variants and are definitely very Instagrammable!