Big Song 🎶🎵🐋 10 week term starts Monday 12th October, in Brunswick Heads and Thursday 15th October in Kingscliff. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks more people have been joining again as we crawl out from our COVID bunkers. There is a lot of activity going on amongst the Choir People around the world – and once again, given that we have been extremely fortunate in our area in terms of numbers of cases – we are able to go ahead with the Big Song Sessions.

We are still limited to only 20 people per session, and I am ready to add another session at each venue if there is enough demand.You can buy a one off ticket, or a 5 or 10 class pass via the website or in person using cash or card. Valid for either location, and you can use them anytime within two terms. Please do register by text, as we are still limited to 20 people per class.

Pocketsong Membership is now only $40 if you want to access the songs/lyrics/video online. New songs are going up this week.
See you soon! Janet 🎈