Get to know Hatha Yoga, the basis of all types of yoga

Hatha yoga is the basis of all types of yoga. Through hatha yoga, the body’s strength and flexibility will be trained with various movements and certain body positions. Apart from that, hatha yoga also involves many breathing and meditation techniques so it can also be done as a relaxation method.

Anyone can try hatha yoga. However, this type of yoga is more suitable for people who enjoy relaxing sports or belong to the following groups of people:

New to yoga (beginner)
Rarely exercise and are not fit or fit
Focus on strengthening the body and improving posture
Want to relieve or control stress
Various Things Taught in Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga classes generally last 45–90 minutes. Classes usually start with a warm-up and end with a short meditation. In a hatha yoga class, there are three main things that will be the focus of learning, namely:

Breathing exercises

Hatha yoga begins with breathing exercises. The yoga instructor will constantly remind you to focus on breathing techniques and may give you different breathing exercises to try.

Body pose

In hatha yoga, you will perform various poses or a series of movements to improve balance, flexibility and body strength. Poses in hatha yoga vary greatly, from easy to difficult.

If you find it difficult to do a pose, the instructor will teach you a pose that is easier to follow.


Most hatha yoga classes end with a short meditation. Meditation can be done with the body lying on your back and covered with a blanket or in other ways, for example while listening to calming music.

To be safer, everyone who is trying hatha yoga for the first time should take a hatha yoga class guided by an instructor. This is important to do to prevent mistakes in doing yoga poses or movements that risk causing injury.

If you are pregnant, suffering from certain illnesses, or are elderly, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor and yoga instructor first before taking a hatha yoga class according to the page here.