In the card game Rummy on the Board, every card must be eliminated from the teen patti gold apk board. Typically, two to four participants participate [1]. Describe how it operates:

The game typically involves a group of two to four participants [1].
A standard deck of 52 playing cards is utilized [2].
Being the first participant to remove every card from the board is the objective of the game [2].
Each participant is assigned a hand of cards. The game begins with the player holding the highest value card, and it progresses in a clockwise direction [1].
Exploration of Gameplay: Players execute the following sequence of actions on each turn:
a. Draw: One card must be drawn by the participant, from the draw pile or the discard pile, respectively [2].
b. Meld: If the participant possesses a valid combination of cards, they may elect to participate in a meld. A composite may consist of a sequence (three or more consecutive cards of the same suit) or a group (three or four of a kind) [2].
A player may also roll off cards from their hand onto pre-existing melds that are already present on the table. This requires the addition of cards that are compatible with a composite that another player has already formed [2].
d. Discard: One card must be discarded by the participant, which is then added face up to the discard pile. The sole circumstance in which a player is not required to discard is if they have merged all of their cards [2].
It is not permissible for a player to discard the card from the discard pile that they drew on the same turn [2].
A player “goes out” when they utilize the final card in their hand through one of the following methods: setting off, melding, or discarding. Certain iterations of the game mandate the discarding of the final card, whereas others permit its fusion or layoff [2].
Scoring: The round is tallied upon the elimination of a player. The winner rummy glee is awarded the residual cards in the hands of the other players. Face cards each have a value of ten points [2]. Aces are valued at one point, while number cards are worth their face value.
The victor is the player who accumulates the most points after a predetermined number of hands or the first player to attain a predetermined number of points [2].