It’s going to be a creative day todayToday I woke up early and had a strong feeling to get to the beach and watch the sun come up.

As the sun came up through early morning cloud I sat quietly listening to the waves, feeling the air like the most beautiful blanket enveloping me.

Then I listened to Voces8 singing For Now I Am Winter, by Ólafur Arnalds

I dissolve.  A perfect thread, a perfect spider’s web, listening to this music I am totally in the moment – and really, I could die! This music could usher me out of this world. It could be a path to follow.

Then Jenny joined me and we laughed and walked and talked and I said I wanted to write five short songs, and so we wrote eight.

And it dawned on me that this is how it feels when I get out of my own way. Everything becomes a song, a hymn, a poem – praising this Gracious Mystery that we are held in.

It’s going to be a creative day today!