Shout Pray Sing was a surprise hit at the Festival of the Voice earlier this year, and we are excited to bring it to the Picture House again.

With a cast of over 70 local performers, this show takes community theatre to a whole new level. If you missed this year’s surprise hit at the Festival of the Voice, now’s your chance. SHOUT PRAY SING! is back — and with a vengeance.

Prepare to be bowled over, entranced, delighted yet again as the Voice in all its splendour is revealed. This is music at its best — alive and happening. The show will last 1 hour and 22 minutes – about the time it takes for the international Space Station to orbit the earth – and there will be a projection of the orbit for the duration of the show.

The show is almost bigger than Ben Hur, and features powerful and unique local soloists Rebecca Ireland, (Rebecca Ireland Music), Yaegl/Bundjalung rapper Mitch King, Soni Shine (Soni Shine) and Ami Pelu (Ami Pelu), James Levine (Karuah), Jennifer Williams Gidabul woman from Woodenbong, , Kathryn Walker and Jenny Parenteau. plus a 40 voice choir, the Neighbourly Ukes, Rebel Rebel Girls Quartet, David Bennett on gongs and award wining 15 year old poet, Krystal Pierce.


The show is conceived, coordinated and choreographed by Janet SwainChristine Olsen (who wrote and co produced the iconic Australian film #Rabbit Proof Fence and Philip Channells from Dance Integrated Australia.

     Join us on this inspiring immersive journey with an eclectic group of fabulous musicians, all with different styles and sounds. From the powerful voice of our First Nation’s people through to the best in contemporary voices and the rousing emotion of the Picture House Choir.
WORKSHOP – Red Rebels

As part of preparations for the ambitious show, Shout Pray Sing at Brunswick Picture House, Red Rebel Brigade from Lismore will be presenting their first local introductory workshop in the ways of this powerful theatrical movement. The workshop will be facilitated by Red Rebels Cindy Vallet  Cait Fitzgerald and Simon Ennew and they will cover philosophy, costume, movement, expression and composition. There is an opportunity to put the workshop into action on Saturday night 2 November as part of the SHOUT PRAY SING! event.

Red Rebels are a  group of performers founded by Doug Francisco as part of the Invisible Circus in the UK and now Extinction Rebellion – described as   ‘a group of druids dressed in blood red with their faces painted in white, advance to the space between the police and the protesters. They make no sounds, give no speech and open their hands towards the police who seem to not know whether to be amused or irritated.’


Friday Ist November 6.30-8.30 @ The Brunswick Picture House

$10 donation (to cover venue hire)

More information contact Janet Swain –

Red Rebels – Cindy Vallet –


If you’ve read this far, you deserve a bit of background info!!Im sitting here thinking about our upcoming show Shout Pray Sing 2 –  it is gradually evolving as more ideas come, and deepen, and as more people join in – because they want to be part of a creative expression of our times – because we need community more than ever – because music, singing, art, theatre and community will save us – are probably the only things that will save us as a species – without it we are automatons, dry, desperate, violent, disconnected, attached to all things material, and nothing else. I hope people come to see the show – I would call it more of a happening – an immersive and in the moment experience – than a concert – and there is not much distinction between audience and performer as we journey together in the same time as it takes to orbit of the globe from the international space station – 1 hour and 22 minutes!

Chrissie sings in one of my choirs (The Bowlo Choir) and it took me ages to discover that she wrote the screenplay and co-produced (with Philip Noyce) one of the most beautiful and important films of our time – Rabbit Proof Fence. She moved up here to live the quiet life in paradise, but lately, she’s been lured out  of her blissful bubble to work on a few projects – SHOUT PRAY SING is one of them!

And then together we discovered Philip Channells  – another brilliant artist, choreographer, theatre maker – and we have formed a dynamic little production team to develop the ideas behind Shout Pray Sing

With a cast of over 70 local performers, this show takes community theatre to a whole new level and we are excited to see what magic we create together. we’d love you to be a part of it too!!