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Rebel Rebel Girls Choir grew out of Byron Shire Young Voices, and is for girls between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. We rehearse at my house on Friday afternoons from 4pm to about 5.30pm, and sing a variety of repertoire from pop songs to rounds to classical and folk. The aim is to develop a choir of strong and musical individuals, with a theatrical bent.

‘Singing in a choir is a wonderful thing to do on so many levels” says Janet. “For kids, it is so good for general learning and brain development, as it requires concentration, focus, and is actually harder than it looks. We as adults and teachers tend to underestimate what kids are capable of, especially in terms of singing and performing, and in this choir we sing songs in unison and in 2 or even 3 part harmony that challenge the children”.

Singing in a choir involves many things from learning to listen, working cooperatively and collectively, developing concentration skills, good posture and the understanding of singing in a group, in unison and in harmony. This is a slow process, and the choir programme is really for kids who love to sing and who are ready to develop these skills. Janet is a demanding and exacting teacher who demands the best from the children. Her underlying philosophy is that children are capable of far more than we give them credit for, if they are given good instruction and there is an atmosphere of high expectation.

At the same time, choir rehearsals are fun, playful, stimulating, and challenging and children are often surprised at the sound that they can produce together.


What parents say….
‘My daughter found her way to relate to her love of music by singing along to songs she loves. It is Janet’s choir classes that allowed her to discover her voice and singing.’ Mikey Rosato.
It was a most wonderful concert with such a diverse arrangement of singers, with costume and entertainment.!  Thanks  so much to you and Janet.,  who got us all to a fantastic evening of soul felt enjoyment.   The tears did come with the  young children singing…which was a treat for all.
Myrchela Cheri xx
‘Minka loves choir, it’s playful and precise at the same time. It’s wonderful to see her ability to find notes inside herself. The joy of learning songs also adds to her love of improvising and making up her own songs. As a youner sisnger she gets to be with the big kids in the older choir and she loves this too. It really lifts her up to a new level of participation and connection.’ Kimberley McIntyre.
‘Maya loves choir! She says she wants to be an opera singer! She’s learning beat and rhythm and enjoys the playfulness in the class. I see Maya’s joy when she sings, and she loves making up songs too. ‘ Vandano.
‘The choir gives structure to the children, which is beneficial for their attention span. They sing like angels when they are all in unison. I enjoy listening to them every week and seeing how much they have evolved. Thankyou Janet!’  Kristine.






Congratulations on a magnificent performance yesterday. It was amazing to hear the kids sing, they made beautiful music. We know of all the hard work from you, we parents wanted to thank you for your efforts and your vision. Thank you for enriching our childrens’ lives with wonderful music classes!

Johanna Lim, Singapore


Cost: $150 per term. $80 for second child in the family.

Payment: Direct transfer or cash on or before the second week

Name of Account: Janet Swain

BSB: 062 578

Account number: 10 30 51 84


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