Songwriting classes begin Term 2, 2021.

Watch this space, or send me an email for more information.

Somebody’s gotta take care of the building

“This is stunning. Gave me goosebumps.”

“So beautiful Janet. You’ve given voice to those left picking their way through the debris.”

“Beautiful indeed, and sad and still very dignified.”

“The simple metaphor in your song, that maintenance of democracy and governing with decency can be expressed through the small act of fixing and bolstering rather than destroying.”

“Earthy, poetic, heartfelt.”


Janet Swain Spine CD

In 2001 I made a solo CD called ‘Spine’. I called it Spine because when I was 19 I had an operation on my spine to correct scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and it struck me as an interesting title for an album of very personal, sometimes intense songs about a particular time in my life.

Spine = courage, strength and vulnerability, holds you up, have some spine. Xrays of my spine are pretty interesting as well, given that I have 6 titanium screws and a wire stuck in the vertabrae. I thought the xray looked kind of punk, heavy metal, even though the songs are lyrical and poetic!

The CD was produced by my great musical partner Peter Kennard, and we had many wonderful musicians from Sydney playing on it. The CD artwork is a collection of photos and images relating to the songs.

Janet Swain “Moan”

“You’ve got yourself a lights-out hit-sounding thing! It’s amazingly attractive, and infectious! We’re helpless. Great writing!”