Want to thank you both for that amazing concert.  Such a lovely mix and such ‘heart’ there.  You have audacity or something, as well as ability to be a part of making an impression, and it was a delight to be a part of it.
It was also good for me to be a part of it, and to know I don’t have to be perfect at singing to help make an impact.

Maree Murfet, Mullumbimby

Congratulations! I thought the launch was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. The community spirit and atmosphere was uplifting and you encouraged us to do our best yet feel comfortable and relaxed. Result was that we had fun. And had a great view sitting up there on the stage!
I’ m going to keep coming along next term to Palm Beach and have been encouraging others that I know.

Fran Cummings, Palm Beach

It was a great concert indeed. Congratulations to you and your family for all your efforts. You are all doing great work in bringing people together to sing. Looking forward to next term.

Julie Burnett, Gold Coast

Fabulous show Janet! Congratulations. What a treat for the shire

Sara Crowe. Mullumbimby

Congratulations on a magnificent performance yesterday. It was amazing to hear the kids sing, they made beautiful music. We know of all the hard work from you, we parents wanted to thank you for your efforts and your vision. Thank you for enriching our childrens’ lives with wonderful music classes! You have changed my son’s life immensely!

Johanna Lim, Singapore

First of all a BIG thank you to you Janet for all your amazing work with this.  Just loved singing again after all these years.  Truly love working with you! And yes Janet you are a truly bright spot in Singapore.

Lene Borrisholt, Singapore

well done Janet, the concert was LOTS of fun and we all agreed you are a bright spot in Singapore!

Martha Chaudrey, Singapore

Janet has excellent communication skills and an intuition and “feel for the room” that is often difficult to find. In addition, she is extremely organised and reliable but at the same time has a much appreciated flexibility to adapt to any surprise situation with enthusiasm and dedication ensuring outstanding outcomes.

Marsha Gusti, founder,

Janet is an inspiration! The class goes in an eye-blink because we have so much fun.

Peter Clayton, Management Consultant.

Janet is a highly gifted natural teacher, both with adults and children. Her enthusiasm for her music imbues her teaching with extraordinary life and is communicated to those she is teaching.

Garry Richardson

School Founder, Korowal, Leura NSW

Janet has a particular gift for communicating with a broad cross section of people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Participants speak highly of her skills, commitment, enthusiasm and inspirational teaching and performing techniques.

Anne-Marie Wiles, Cultural Services Coordinator, South Sydney Council

Janet has done a wonderful job of administering this project and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her. The manner with which she conducted this program and the professionalism throughout has been exemplary. I hope to have the pleasure to work with her and Song Dynasty again sometime.

Leighton Farrell, Civic Events Manager, Blacktown Council referring to Voices of Vinegar Hill project, 2004

Janet has made an important contribution to the Creative Arts at Saint Scholastica’s College over the last eighteen months. Janet’s Islander choir has been committed to rehearsals and performances, all of which have been outstanding.

Loretto Richardson

Principal, Saint Scholastica’s College, Glebe

I am so thrilled to hear about Song Dynasty. Before Mrs Carey, of the eponymous concert fame, there was (and still is) Liz Swain. I was privileged to be in some of her choirs as a teenager and the experience changed my life, more than anything else I learned during my school years. She is a legend! Janet is also an extremely talented singer, conducter and composer, and has a wonderful inspiring energy. The two of them together will make such a huge difference to the musical life of their community. You lucky people! I only wish I lived closer to Mullum.

Robyn Bailey, mediator, Sydney



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