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Welcome! My name is Janet Swain, and I am the Director of Song Dynasty Music.

We provide opportunities for people to sing. You can join us at weekly Big Song Sessions in Brunswick Heads and Kingscliff NSW, or you can organise private singing lessons with Janet. We co produced the Festival of the Voice in Brunswick Heads, and we are planning the next one for June 2021.

Creating sustainable and creative community is at the heart of what we do. Apart from the well documented benefits of singing, chanting, and laughter for health and well-being, and even increasing your love hormones, we know that singing creates a shared emotional experience, and increases social bonding. We are particularly aware of the effects of isolation and separation during COVID in 2020, and we know that our workshops are a powerful tool for wellbeing and mental health, as well as community connectedness.

I hope you can join us, sing with us, come along to some of our performances, and find room in your life for simple, life enhancing musical activities that have sustained communities across the world for millennia.

“In light of mounting concerns about loneliness and isolation and the increasingly urgent search for solutions, it is fascinating that people seem to be returning to an interest in connecting with one another through singing. The evidence indicates that our singing ancestors might have held a key to better social well-being.”
Jacques Launay and Eiluned Pearce – Visit Website


About Janet Swain

After many years of study and performance, in 2000 Janet Swain founded Song Dynasty Music and for the past 20 years has worked with several choirs comprising of both adults and children. Her greatest passion is the work she has done with many community choirs, backed by a belief in the importance of singing and song for all people, not just trained musicians. Janet works as an artist teacher in schools and community centres, for workshops, and summer camps. She has been widely successful in producing a numerous large-scale community events including several massed choir performances, involving the administration, creative direction, composition, organisation and teaching of large numbers of adults and children.

Janet is committed to developing a strong sense of community and identity through music, especially song, and also creating original compositions for singers of all levels. Her work over the last 25 years has often been in the area of multiculturalism and is grounded in a strong belief that song and singing is a key to understanding different cultures, belief systems and religions.

Janet is also an award winning songwriter, and apart from her own projects, she has been commissioned to write songs for schools, events and communities. Her solo CD, Spine, showcases her abilities as songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist and singer.

Over a diverse, accomplished and eclectic musical career, Janet has lived in Tokyo, Kuwait and Singapore, and worked as an English teacher with the British Council in Singapore for 3 years.

In June 2014 Janet moved home with her family to Mullumbimby, in northern NSW, where she currently runs Big Song Sessions, teaches music in a local primary school, performs with The Loveys and Dynasty8 Chamber Choir…and continues to donate her time and creative energy to a number of projects, committed to doing her bit to keep the local performing arts community vibrant and strong.  She plays piano, bassoon, and ukulele.

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Latest News

Janet has a particular gift for communicating with a broad cross section of people of diverse ages and backgrounds.  Participants speak highly of her skills, commitment, enthusiasm and inspirational teaching and performing techniques. 

Anne-Marie Wiles, Cultural Services Coordinator, South Sydney Council

Janet has done a wonderful job of administering this project and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her. The manner with which she conducted this program and the professionalism throughout has been exemplary.  I hope to have the pleasure to work with her and Song Dynasty again sometime.

Leighton Farrell, Civic Events Manager, Blacktown Council referring to Voices of Vinegar Hill project.

Janet has excellent communication skills and an intuition and “feel for the room” that is often difficult to find. In addition, she is extremely organised and reliable but at the same time has a much appreciated flexibility to adapt to any surprise situation with enthusiasm and dedication ensuring outstanding outcomes.

Marsha Gusti, President, Kwaya Australia

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