Song Dynasty Music & Events is so excited to announce details about our inaugural Festival of the Voice, a collaboration with Brunswick Picture House. This festival is an natural extension of our Festival for Elizabeth which we presented in 2018 and followed by a rewrite of the wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, Trial By Jury. We believe this may be the first gender fluid interpretation of this operetta in the world, and to our surprise it was a huge success!

And so in 2019, we are proud to launch the program for our 9 day Festival of the Voice!


For any further information call Janet Swain on 0438 965 397 or drop her an email.

Festival of the Voice Brusnwick Heads

Janet Swain, is a singer, songwriter, teacher and workshop leader, knows that one of the ways to live in the magic of life is to sing – singing and song and sound are all ways to experience magic. the magic of frequency, of vibration, of connection with oneself and others.

It’s a sad fact that many people were told as kids that they shouldn’t sing. It is crippling and a reflection of our obsessively goal oriented society that is so deeply ingrained.

I grew up singing with my brother and my parents – by the age of 6 or 7 we were singing 4 part harmony – mainly American folk songs – as we travelled around Europe. It was a normal as breathing.

In my mid twenties I did a year long breath work training course – which showed me the power of sound in the expression of deep hurts and pain.
Since then, I have always started choirs wherever I have lived – from Katoomba to Sydney to Singapore to Kuwait to Byron Bay where I now live.

I have run workshops and residential camps, worked with kids and adults, run choirs for migrants and seniors, and all this time I have been developing a style of my own. And so all my choir experience is now being used to work with groups, large and small, who want to simply sing. It is great fun, it is wonderful community building work, it is about listening, responding, playing, fitting in, stepping out – it is a profoundly creative experience, and afterwards we all feel uplifted, inspired, connected and happy.