Welcome to my website.

Song Dynasty Music is the business name for my music activities – from Big Voice Community Choirs, to Sing About It Voice and Singing Workshops, Rebel Rebel Girls Choir, and various events and projects that I am involved with.

I am also a member of the award winning cabaret band, The Loveys – I play keyboard and bassoon and the odd melodica solo, as well as write and arrange songs.

I love choirs – and I love working with big groups of people, creating beautiful sounds together! I love everything to do with voicework and singing – the voice is our power, and it is a marvellous thing to be able to use it to communicate, and also as a simple and powerful way to access a sense of wellbeing, good mental and physical health, and to connect with one’s inner and outer spirit. In my teaching I use all kinds of modalities – developed over 35 years of teaching, training, inner work and personal development. I use sound mediation techniques, chi gung, tapping, laughter yoga, as well as exercises gleaned from some of the greatest singing teachers in the world.

I hope you will join me in a class, a choir, a workshop, or at an event, or join in on one of my projects.

SHARA MUSIC TEMPLE concerts are on sale now for November 2023 – HERE