I have changed the name of Big Sing to Big Song! Just one tiny letter really, but it does kind of change the meaning and implies there is a Big Song that we are all singing. I changed it because as the business grows, I felt that Big Sing would be a bit confusing, given that there are many other Big Sing businesses, including Rachel Hore’s Big Sing in the Desert – an amazing and powerful cross-cultural event between local indigenous women and men from the Central Desert in Australia, and choir singers from all over Australia.

So here we are – Big Song!! And as I write this, what strange times we are living in all of a sudden. I’m not sure what to do about Big Sing gatherings – it looks like a lot of events are closing down, and increasingly a sense of people shutting up shop and staying at home. I am playing with the idea of an online Big Song – singer and teacher Rhian Bethan and I are exploring how we could do that, so stay tuned. It is so important that we keep singing through these difficult times.

Reminds me of the wonderful Virtual Choir, set up by Eric Whitacre – people could video themselves singing their part in one of his compositions, and then his techies put them all together as one ‘performance’. Quite incredible and strange other world ethereal sound.

Here are some photos of our beautiful singing session in Kingscliff yesterday. We sang out to the wild surf at Kingscliff, a song called Yundah – from the Hebrides in northern Scotland – a song designed to lure in the selkies (the seals that are half woman half seal). As we sang, a rather handsome surfie emerged from the water and gave us a wave!