I’m delighted to announce that Big Song Sessions will be back, live and in person from Monday 20th July (Brunswick Heads) and Thursday 23rd July (Kingscliff)

We’ll be operating at the Memorial Hall, just a few doors up from The Picture House, as we need to go forward in a COVID SAFE way. It sounds straightforward, but we’ve had to change the way we operate in order to be compliant with State Government requirements. This necessitated a number of changes including registration, contactless payment, and electronic distribution of materials. As painful, costly, and time consuming as it’s been, I’m sure these new ways will enhance The Big Song experience.

 Whether your home base is Kingy or Bruns, your fees will cover both. So more opportunities to sing, and mix with likeminded people in two beautiful locations.


During the 3 months off singing and working I’ve had considerable time to reflect on the direction of my various professional and community endeavours.

I have decided to create a common set of materials (mp3s of songs, rounds, chants and exercises, lyrics, sheet music, background stories and information and videos) housed on a members area on the Song Dynasty website.

The optional, one off annual Membership  will be valid for 12 months, and will allow access to the Member’s Area, plus discounted tickets to Song Dynasty Events. You will be issued with your own Membership Card.

This will make it super easy to learn, practice, and turn up ready to enjoy singing , and of course eliminate the exchange of materials on which nasty little viruses can live!


It will be necessary to register and we prefer that you pay online to attend Big Song Sessions while these COVID restrictions are in place. You can also pay at the door with a credit card, and if you absolutely only have cash, please put it in an envelope.

We are restricted only 30 participants in both the Brunswick Heads and Kingscliff halls. 


You can also sign up for a package of 3 private lessons (for an extra cost) where you can focus on the Big Song repertoire, developing your relationship with your voice and the songs. 

It’s kind of a sports model, where the private lesson is training, and Big Song is game day. Your choice. You can do either or both. Whatever it takes to achieve your singing goals.


Online sessions  – there will be four online sessions over the next four Mondays at 9.30 starting on Monday 22nd June and continue every Monday morning to 20th July when we go live.

The Annual membership will be an EARLY BIRD PRICE of $40, which will cover the four online sessions and a discounted one-year Membership. Those who support Song Dynasty through Patreon will be exempt from the annual membership fee.

Big Song Annual Membership will be $40 if you pay before Monday 20th July, and $60 per year if you join up from 20th July. You will then have access to the Member’s Page on the Song Dynasty website, where you will find up to date recordings, lyric sheets and sheet music of all songs we sing in Big Song Sessions, plus videos, photos of classes and more.

There are three options for fees – $15 for drop in, 5 class pass for $70 and 10 class pass for $130.

You can choose your option by going to the Eventbrite Registration page. You can attend classes in Brunswick Heads or Kingscliff, or both if you feel like it! 

Those people with the old class pass can use this, but must also pay the Membership of $40 (early bird online) or $60 (from 20 July). You can get the early bird membership and choose to join in with the online classes, or not!

Private Tuition is $65 for a 50 minute lesson, or 3 lessons for $150. You can register and pay for these lessons online as well.


I hope to see you all back, and I’ll be delighted if you enlist in the new program. Please enrol for the online sessions too. We’ll be using the online breakout room time to conjure up ideas for some extra fun and creative stuff like writing lyrics, bringing instruments, and whatever else we imagine would be fun. 

Finally, if you have friends who’d like to try out Big Song Sessions Live, the first session is free.

Love you all, and see you soon!