One hour of non-stop, easy fun singing with a great bunch of people. Create community, make friends, learn new songs and improve your singing, in two great venues across the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Mondays 9.30 to 10.30am – Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall        

Thursdays 11am to 12pm – Kingscliff Community Hall (on hold until further notice – please contact Janet for details)

Cost: $15 or your can purchase a 5 class pass for $70 or a 10 class pass for $130.

REGISTRATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL – especially in this post COVID time, to avoid queues and crowds.

Go to the TICKETS section on the website for registrations and payments

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“I love the choir, it lifts my spirits. it keeps me happy for the week.”

“You can come here feeling terrible, and what we sing is so many emotions. the freedom of the group. I love everything about it.”

“Like opening a bottle of fizz, suddenly all your energy comes out. I feel the energy and th sounds that people make. You can feel it coming right up through my body.”

“Singing just opens me up and grounds me. Janet holds a very beautiful space and lets them open up.”

“I feel free – free to give voice. Makes me feel generous, I want to share. Im not scared, I’m letting go. I love the songs, all the songs are inspiring and uplifting, I laugh and I like them all. They are easy to learn. They are a lot of fun.”

“A wonderful surprise! I feel a real joy. They feel familiar and uplifting.”

“I’m enjoying the experience, a lot of fun, uplifting and inspiring.”

“I love singing in a circle. I love the effect the harmonies have on me. We connect with each other.”

“It’s joyful, it’s fun. You have to listen, and there is improvisation. a lot of freedom and joy.”

“Janet’s joyfulness is contagious! Singing in a circle, the body exercises, the expression takes you out of yourself so that you become more courageous, singing can do that and Janet shows us how. She has all these techniques at her fingertips. A skilled and beautiful teacher.”

“A gentle approach to being freer with your voice, I don’t feel any pressure.”